Our History

Akakas Logistics PLC was founded in December 2000, and quickly grew to be one of the leading logistics service providers in Ethiopia. Our company has built a standard of unique project and client management, a comprehensive track record of large scale project delivery, and extensive experience in logistics service. The company’s owners and managers are experts in their respective roles, including running the business organisation, manufacturing, trading, port handling, freight forwarding, customs clearing, shipping, warehousing, logistics consultancy and dry cargo transport services. 
Our headquarters, based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia provides reliable, responsive, and proactive service at all times. Due to our extensive experience in this field, we are able to handle sophisticated transportation and distribution services, tailored to our clients’ needs. 

Staff Members

To become the leading solution-oriented logistics service provider in Ethiopia. 


To be a company grounded in quality service, process-orientation, and reliability. 


Akakas is committed to being trustworthy and solution-oriented, having efficient workflow, providing on time delivery, and being transparent at all stage of our service. 

•  Akakas has two decades of experience that is enabling us to perfect our logistic service.

•  High degree of professionalism.

•  Timely delivery and cost saving to our clients.

•  Competitive price with high quality service. 

•  Utmost care and safty of our client's cargos.

•  Cargo monitoring and control based on our standardized operating procedure.

•  Weekly reports to update the status of cargos.

• We provide some out of scope services as part of freight forwarding services

Akakas Logistics PLC has played a major role in logistics executions for large scale projects. We provide extra care and attention in the planning and transport of complex heavy equipment and large volume bulk cargos, while always maintaining timely delivery. 

Over the years we have acquired a great wealth of experience regarding different logistic activities. Some of these include: 


Procurement, shipping, transporting, distribution

We have accumulated a vast experience on fertilizer procurement and distribution. The activities include, but are not limited to:

•  Procurement

•  Negotiation on price and buying through Letter of Credit 150,000 MT of fertiliser (minimum six ship loads of 25,000 MT each)

•   Facilitation

•  Closely following shipments from factory to port of loading, then up to discharge (Djibouti)

•  Bagging

•  Undertaking bagging operations at Djibouti

•  Customs clearing

•  Undertake Customs Clearing and transit activities at Djibouti Port

•  Warehousing

•  Transporting goods to over 15 strategically located warehouses in Ethiopia

•  Distribution

•  Distribution of fertiliser from central warehouses to over 2,200 different stations in Ethiopia

•  Delivery of the exact quantity demanded by the farmers in different locations

•  Precise planning and effective logistics management 


Bagging, shipping, transporting, warehousing

Similar to our process of distributing fertiliser, we have extensive experience in handling ship-loads of wheat (both Aid and Commercial cargo). We undertake bagging operations at the Djibouti import, and transport it to satellite warehouses at different locations in Ethiopia.


Customs clearing and forwarding

We have been handling supplies, both regular program and emergency relief, for UNICEF, UNHCR, UNFPA, WHO, UNOPS, and UNDP for nearly two decades.


Customs clearing and forwarding

We have been (and still are) serving different construction companies as their freight forwarding agent in Ethiopia on different projects like road, hydro power, telecommunication, etc

We are currently providing logistics services to two major European companies:

    1. Sallini Construction – Millennium/ Renaissance Dam
    2. Ericson – Telecommunication Project

Customs clearing and Freight forwarding

•  Import
•  Export

We are also serving embassy of the United States of America as one of the few forwarding agents in Ethiopia.

STORAGE FACILITIES: Akakas Logistics has storage facilities at convenient locations in Addis Ababa, with a combined capacity of storing over 10,000 MT with a space of over 2500m2. 

MACHINERIES AND EQUIPMENT: Our company has six forklifts of its own, and other necessary machineries, equipments and tools required to undertake un/loading and packing activities. 

DRY CARGO TRUCKS: Akakas owns thirty heavy duty dry cargo trucks. On the other hand, as a large volume cargo mover, we also have excellent relationships and associations with dry cargo truck owners. Thus, we can mobilise the trucks to hauling cargo from the port as per our client’s need, at any time. Our vans and pickups are always on stand-by for small volume cargos.

BRANCH OFFICES: We currently have three branches, including Djibouti, Nazareth and in the Ethiopian Airline Compound. 


• Our office is fully equipped with modern communication facilities that allow us to address our customers’ needs immediately.

• We have a modern software program that enables us to provide efficient warehouse management services.

• We have computerised our cargo monitoring and follow-up systems. All tax assessments are done by Ayscuda software program online from our head office.